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  "Monk Biography" Restore the artists life: What is the real Munch? Recently, published by the Guangxi Science and Technology Publishing House of the "Monk Biography" book-sharing sessions held in Beijing, the Central Academy of Fine Arts teacher Wu Jingying, Zou Wenyan Norwegian Embassy cultural officials and other guests to share the experience of reading the book and Mongolia view grams of artistic achievement.It is understood that, "Monk Biography" written by the Norwegian novelist Atle Neiss, a comprehensive overview of the author of "The Scream" paintings, painter Munchs life.Wu Jingying from western art history point of view about the Munch painting style changes, and Monk position in the history of art and its impact on European painting."Monk Biography" book sealed.Press Photo courtesy is worth noting that, in the "Monk Biography", Atle Neiss with 120 pieces of representative Munch paintings and rare old black and white photographs, as well as more than 340 fragment is taken from letters, notes, newspapers, etc. precious historical facts data, multi-angle in all directions to restore a real Munch, hoping that Munch, Munchs art of his era and which becomes three-dimensional up.Munchs artistic career spanned 60 years, in this "Monk Biography" not only tells the story of the life of Munchs anxiety, the anxiety of love, fear of death, as well as his art of fear and comfort, love and struggle where are all derived; while also led the reader to understand the artist, showing the tenacity and bright minds Munch.

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